Elva Resa Publishing

The Project

In 2014, Elva Resa Publishing came to us looking for a website that would accommodate their ever-expanding list of book titles and allow them to easily associate titles with authors, illustrators and awards.

We updated the design and created a WordPress website that functioned as a relational database, allowing them to make connections between each area using a custom post, that would allow the page to show related information dynamically.

In 2021, with the rapid expansion of the company they needed an updated website that was still simple to update but had a design that was more in keeping with current website styles. We again rebuilt the site from scratch, using updated technology and a fresher design.

The Client

Founded in 1997, Elva Resa Publishing LLC is an independent publishing company whose mission is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. They publish books, websites, newsletters, and workshop materials focused on military families.